Founder:Mr. Dong Chaolin
Ancestral Home: Maoming city, Guangdong Province
Date of birth:July 1st,1950
Career: Entrepreneur
Figures in history:
       Mr. Dong Chaolin was born in a poor family in Huazhou County, Maoming City, Guangdong Province. Just at the beginning of the founding of China, all the waste was waiting for prosperity. Because of the difficult living conditions, he inherited the fine traditional virtues of independence self-reliance, hardship and hard work from childhood period, and developed the characteristics of being dependable and steady. When he grew up, he tries many kings of work,such as a broadcaster of production brigade , a worker of steel-mill and transporting vegetables to the north and so on. After more than ten years practice in job market , combined with his sharp business acumen and courage of being bold, in 1987-thirty years of age, he decided to venture and raised hundreds of thousands RMB to buy chinese patent product technology of “Meishabi ”. Meanwhile he formally established HuaZhou pesticide factory, becoming the first group of players after the reform and opening up, the product became well-known all around the country,validating his vision. In 1993, after several years of hard work, he turned his eyes on the development of the pesticide technical market prospect based on his acutexiu business smell. Besides, under the support of local government, the factory was expanded and migrated successfully and technical material production base named Guangdong Liwei Chemical Co. LTD with needs of development subsequently, which was another achievement .Up to now, the company has been developing over 30 years.During the period, its performance was thriving and flourishing thus striving to reach the top 100 enterprises in China's pesticide industry coming with increasingly popularity in the society.These achievements were based on the development philosophy of the founde -"Based on agricultural ,Build power for quality", which is also the tenet that staff of Liwei people have been inheriting together for many years!At the same time, he also received a series of personal honors bacause of that.
Personal honors :
In 1989, he was awarded the title of "Advanced Worker of Guangdong Province";
In 1991, he was awarded the title of "National Spark Leader pacesetter";
In 1992, he won the "National Science and Technology Entrepreneur Award" and was received and photographed by Jiang Zemin and other Party state leaders.
In 1994,he was awarded the title of "National Outstanding Spark Entrepreneur";
In 2002,he was awarded the title of "Top ten Entrepreneurs in Maonan District";
In 2009, he won the silver Award of "Patent Inventor of Guangdong Province";
In 2018,he was awarded the title of "Top Ten Private Entrepreneurs of Maoming city".
In 1988, he was elected as a member of the fifth Political Consultative Conference of Huazhou city;
In 1993, he was elected as a representative to the Eighth People's Congress of Guangdong province;
In 1995, he was elected as vice-chhairman of Chinese Association of Township Entrepreneurs;
In 1998, he was elected as a representative to the Nineth People's Congress of Guangdong province;
In 2002, he was elected as member of The Standing Committee of Maoming Federation of Industry and Commerce.
In 2003, he was elected as a representative to the Nineth People's Congress of Maoming City;
In 2003, he was elected as a member of the seventh Political Consultative Conference of Maoming city.